with gratitude...


This website and my journey would not be possible without the support of my family, friends, and mentors. 

To Mitra, for being the first person to see something in me beyond a PharmSci major at UCI. Thanks for getting me out of my shell and encouraging me to pursue everything I love today, and supporting me every step of the way.

To Kim, for supporting me, challenging me, being so incredibly flexible, and giving me a generous leg up in my yoga teaching.

To Shayna, for inspiring in me to adopt a more spiritual yoga practice, which has shifted my life in so many freaking ways. For helping me give voice to my mission and being willing to give me advice. Oh, and for the fantastic recommendation to enroll in the life-changing curriculum that is the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. THANK YOU!

To Katie, for being my first friend at IIN, and for quickly spiraling into my soul sister, never judging me and always asking the PERFECT questions to catalyst my growth and thought process.

To Al, for enthusiastically supporting my growth as first an employee and then as a business owner, and inspiring me to work with other flourishing companies.

To Haley, for being a great friend as well as one of my first private yoga clients, helping me build confidence as a freelance teacher. I don't know how I would have made it this far without your love and limitless belief in me! I love you.

To Preston, for being the most patient and loving man, for inspiring me, giving me reality checks, validating me constantly, being so freaking funny and cute even when life feels gross, and always seeing the best in me.

To my grandparents who passed on this past year... Babushka and Dedushka, thank you for your undying love for all of us, for watching over us, and for inspiring me to share the incredible gift you gave us.

To my dad, for being the first person in our family to swear by apple cider vinegar and essential oils, and for being my most enthusiastic cheerleader and health advocate.

To my big sister T, who has lovingly shared so much of her wisdom with me throughout the years, and who challenged every limiting belief of mine. I am getting better at listening :)

To my mom and Roger, for being the best listeners, for pushing me not to settle, for being patient with me during times of instability, for making me laugh, sharing food, buying (and sharing with) me ice cream, and most of all for believing in me and trusting my heart.