corporate yoga and Meditation 

Reap the benefits of increased productivity, fewer sick days and doctor's visits, better retention, and team bonding. As your company flourishes and develops, the pressure on your employees intensifies, meaning they are susceptible to fatigue, burnout, and more sick days. It is critical to your company's growth for your employees to continue to be productive, and recent studies show that rest and self-care is fundamental to employee success. Regular yoga and meditation sessions in a busy schedule promote a regular wellness routine that can ensure your employees feel calm and satisfied, as well as connected with their work and with their team.


Private yoga lessons

Public classes cater to a whole group with limited acknowledgement to the variability in the room. Whether you've never been to yoga and want to learn how to attend public classes without the pressure, don't have the time to commit to set studio schedules, or struggle with a particular ache or injury, you will deeply benefit from a tailored practice to your needs. I specialize primarily in vinyasa flow and gentle restoring practices.


Small group yoga/events

Practice yoga with a group of friends, family, or colleagues before an event such as a wedding, baby shower, or conference. Enjoy an intimate practice with the people you care about the most, in your own time, in the comfort of your home or other special space. I have taught yoga on the beach, in parks, between cubicles, retail stores like Lululemon and Lorna Jane, gymnasiums, in living rooms, in tiny bedrooms, and others. The possibilities are endless!


corporate wellness workshops

Crippling healthcare costs in the US are a great cause of concern for both employees and employers. 86% of the nation’s annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. These risks can cost an additional $150-$2000 in employee insurance premiums compared to those of their healthy employee counterparts, and yet these are highly preventable with small adjustments to lifestyle and diet! 

83% of large firms (200+ employees) offer a wellness program in smoking cessation, weight management, or behavioral/lifestyle coaching. Of these large firms, 42% offer financial incentives including lower premium contributions and cash for employee participation.

Natalie’s workshops such as Mindful Eating, Cut the Clutter, and Rest & Digest can improve company morale, culture and retention, boost productivity, and lower healthcare costs.

health coaching- GUT RESET

If there's anything I learned from working in the pharmaceutical industry for 6 years, it's that drugs treat symptoms of problems, not the problems themselves. If we were to look at a sick plant, we could certainly treat yellow droopy leaves in the short-term, but the root of the problem always lives in the quality of the SOIL! Similarly, our environment (diet, surroundings and lifestyle) dictates the health of our body, and our gut is the soil where the majority of our imbalances reside. Having poor quality digestion can be the cause for bloating, inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis, depression, anxiety, acne, psoriasis, acid reflux, fatigue, and many more. Work with me to discover and address how to heal your unique gut and bring your life back into balance.

health coaching- Hormone cycle RESET

I work with women to improve their fertility through natural methods. Our diet and environment (especially in the city) can wreak havoc on our already super-sensitive hormonal regulators. Whether you are preparing for a healthy pregnancy, suffering from debilitating periods and dependent on meds to make it through that time of the month, or lost your zest for life from taking The Pill, I can help you learn everything you missed in school, feel empowered in your own body, and heal your cycle from the inside out.