Private yoga & Meditation


In public yoga classes, instructors create a class directed towards a large group. This can be challenging for students that have either never been to yoga before and are intimidated by the studio setting, or students that have unique circumstances or injuries. Furthermore, especially for those with busy work or home schedules, studio class times and locations are often fixed in a way that makes group classes inaccessible. This is why so many choose to practice one-on-one, knowing they are maximizing the benefits of a yoga session, without having to drive and worry about getting to class on time.

How is a private lesson different from a group class?

  • Practice in your own space, on your own time

  • Our session is tailored to your unique body, addressing specific aches, and developing coping strategies for unique stressors

  • Room for pausing, reflecting, and asking questions in-between sequences

What are the benefits of a private lesson?

  • Faster results due to the customization of the practice

  • Improved awareness in the body means preventing future complications

  • Save time traveling to and from studios


I consult with my clients over the phone or via Zoom prior to meeting to be sure we are compatible. Please call or email to schedule your first consultation. Prices may be subject to change depending on your location and other factors.

What's included: 

  • Free consultation
  • Music tailored to the level of intensity of our session
  • Aromatherapy for a deepened experience
  • Massage oils for hands-on adjustments
  • Videos of your practice for future reference
  • Notes of progress and areas for improvement
  • Equipment such as blocks, straps, and blanket
My fiancé & I started taking private lessons in our home with Natalie .
We were too self conscious to go to a class being just beginners. Natalie is so encouraging & really works with you one on one to meet your needs. She helps us focus on breathing & strengthening our poses.
She has a beautiful spirit.
— Chris B.

Pricing is determined over the phone based on location and other variables. Please contact me for a consultation.